Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sailing in San Diego

Yesterday I got my US sailing crusing certificate, this was the happiest day of my San Diego life. I spent to much time and money for that. Now you will think so what. Let me explain with this certificate I can rent a boat up to 38 ft all over the world. For me this is the key of the freedom. What is next is; taking bare boat certifcate. I already decided for that too. I will take my classes in long beach, LA. We will stay on the boat one night and sail to Catalina Island. This will be an amazing experience for me. Don't worry I will write about it too...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Great Boat J-105(cruising)

This week I started my cruising courses at J-World Sailing School. We started our classes with J-80’s which are keelboats but after two days, we passed to J-105 which is an unbelievable cruising boat. This boat is perfectly designed for cruising. It is big like 38 foot and has an engine. We passed to a pacific for 2 hours and it was really stable under 18 knot winds. Although it is designed for cruising it is so fast and easy to control during races. What I can say about this boat is, every sailor should try that.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Steps to Learn Sailing

First thing that you have to do is save some money and time for this amazing experience. Secondly you should decide on your sailing school. There are two types of courses. The one’s who are allowed to give US Sailing Certificate and the others are not allowed to. If I were you I would attend the one’s who give US Sailing Certificate. This certificate is really helpful for you to rent boats and make charters through out the world. There are two big sailing schools exist in San Diego one of them is Mission Bay Aquatic Center and the other one is Famous J-World Sailing School. There are 3 important levels of course that you have to take to be more professional in sailing. First one is keel boat, these boats are up to 26 ft. Second one is cruising these boats are little bit wider and have engines which are up to 34 ft and lastly bare boats they are fully equipped and up to 55 ft. As you started to take keel boat courses I know you want to take the rest of them…

Sailing in San Diego

I started sailing in San Diego. There are two beautiful bays which are just behind the Pacific Ocean. These places are easy to learn sailing. Also there are two sailing schools in each bay. One of them is Mission Bay Aquatic Center which is located in Mission Bay and the owner of this club is UCSD and SDSU. This is a pretty good water sport club and very good in sailing. What is good in this club is you can get a US sailing Certificate which help you to rent boat through out the world. Another place is San Diego Bay This is a big bay located in the downtown. You have a chance to see the beautiful tall buildings through the bay. J- World is an another club for sailing. They are old and very professional in this area. You can get the US Sailing Certificate from hear too. The problem is their course are a little bit expensive than Mission Bay Aquatic Center. Anyway these two clubs are enough to make you a fan of sailing.

Why Sailing?

When people mostly heard about sailing, they think that it is a sport but it is not. Sailing is a life style in other words living with or against to sea. When people once feel that breeze on the boat they can not give up. That is how I started sailing in San Diego. When you are sailing you can feel your body is refreshing. Your brain is just focusing on your sails and the position of your boats. On the other hand the reflection of the sun shine through the sea makes you warm when the little breeze passes through your side. These are just how you react to the environment. You also have a main duty which managing the boat. Positioning the crew and trying to increase your speed. These are just the few of them. You can feel the rest of them when you join us…